Thursday, May 19, 2011

Aw, Kumoffit...

We were taught to use phonetics in school to get a grasp on spelling, but I think the owner of this place never got over it.

No wonder we have such a low pass-rate in our schools. "Education institutions" like this one might just have something to do with it...

Friday, May 06, 2011

To my Darling Daughter and her new Husband...Mr and Mrs P...

I wanted to make a bit of a speech at the wedding dinner but, due to the noise levels in the restaurant, decided not to (and, also, I don't like crying in public). At the time it seemed like a good idea not to, but I don't think these words have lost their effect even if they do come a couple of weeks later. I sincerely hope they don't as they still mean the same to me...

Firstly, from Granny D's brother in Leeds, there was an email that reads (quoted verbatim, our family is not the best at punctuation and grammar):

"Dear Tami, great to hear your news from my sister, E. Didn,t realise the time that has passed since we, last saw you, 1989, I think, what,s the saying (you were knee-high to a grasshopper), but NOT now, bet you,re a lovely young person, phew 25, years, can,t remember that, we are both old foggies @ 75 now. We were 23, when we married, 1958, 53 years this Sept.!! Still going along, and were just saying how excited you will be getting, now. Anyway have a lovely day, hope the future is all you will want, not an easy life these days, but sure you will be blessed. Bye for now, with all our love Aunt C + Unca D. PS tell my sister to behave herself!"

Secondly, and I'm not much of a public speaker, but I was going to quote an old Scottish wedding wish:

A thousand welcomes to you with your marriage kerchief,
May you be healthy all your days.
May you be blessed with long life and peace,
May you grow old with goodness, and with riches.

May the best ye've ever seen
Be the warst ye'll ever see.
May the moose ne'er lea' yer aumrie
Wi' a tear-drap in his e'e.

May ye aye keep hail an' hertie
Till ye're auld eneuch tae dee.
May ye aye be jist as happy
As we wiss ye noo tae be.

Where'er ye bide in the world sae wide,
We wish ye a neuk on the sunny side,
Wi' muckle o' love and little o' care,
A wee bit pursie wi' siller tae spare,
Yer ain wee ingle when the day is spent,
In a wee bit housie wi' hearts content.

The last verse of the poem seems very appropriate at this time, seeing as you guys have just had the news that you'll be moving into your own "wee bit housie" at the end of the month. I hope you have many years of happiness in the house (or other, larger, houses which you'll need when the family grows a bit bigger, plus we're going to need a room when we come over sometime).

Thirdly, "May the Lord keep you in his hand, and never close His fist too tight on you".

I'm certainly not a religious person, but those words seem very appropriate.

To end with, we wish you many very happy years together, with an abundance of everything except problems. May you have love, happiness, laughter and an excess of good luck in your years ahead. All our love to you both. Always. xoxo