Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Who said Huntley was daft?

Recently, a South African citizen applied for political asylum in Canada, citing unrest and uncertainty in the country (well, hellloooooo asshole, it's Africa, uncertainty capital of the fuckin' world).

I believe, however, that I have found the real reason for his fleeing the country...

Fuck that scary or what? Huntley, dude, I don't blame you for running away from that. Actually, you're an asshole. You should have put her out of her misery first, then fucked off to Canada and applied for asylum.

I'm just surprised it took him that long to wake up and discover what he was sleeping next to. She looks like a cross between a sumo wrestler and a circus-act tattoo lady. All that's missing is the wispy beard, but then maybe she shaves every day like the rest of the menfolk around her...

Monday, September 07, 2009

Email Hoaxes move to the next level...

I received this in my Inbox this morning. Obviously the person knows someone who used to work for the Corporation, as how else would they know where to get corporate email addresses?

Email hoaxing should be a death penalty sentance when the person is caught. An example has to be made of one of them. If hackers face lengthy jail sentences for exposing loopholes in corporate internet failures, why should email hoaxers face any different punishment? That said, I believe the hoaxers punishment should be taken to the next level.

Dear Friend,

I Am Ms. Angela Gordon. I Am A United States Citizen And I Am 34 Years Old. I Reside Here In Dripping Springs, Texas And I Am Thinking Of Relocating Since I Am Now Rich.

I Am One Of Those That Took Part In The United Nations Compensation Program In Nigeria Many Years Ago And They Refused To Pay Me. I Had Paid Over $20,000 While In The Us, Trying To Get My Payment But All Was To No Avail.

So I Decided To Travel Down To Nigeria With All My Compensation Documents And I Was Directed To Meet Mrs. Anita Paton, Who Is The Member Of Compensation Program Committee, And I Contacted Her And She Explained Everything To Me.

She Said Who Ever Is Contacting Us Through Emails Are Fake. She Also Took Me To The Paying Bank (ARCB BANK) For The Claim Of My Compensation Payment.

Right Now, I Am The Happiest Woman On Earth Because I Have Received My Compensation Funds Of $5,000,000.00 More Over, Mrs. Anita Paton Showed Me The Full Information Of Those That Are Yet To Receive Their Payments And I Saw Your Email As One Of The Beneficiaries Who Have Not Yet Received The Payment Under Case File 54ac003 And That Is Why I Decided To Email You To Stop Dealing With Those People. They Are Not With Your Fund; They Are Only Making Money Off You.Therefore, I Would Advise You To Contact Mrs. Anita Paton For Assistance And Inform Her That Your Case File Is 54ac003. Contact Her Directly Via The Information Below.

United Nations Compensation Award Program
Name: Mrs. Anita Paton
Phone: +234-802-132-9323

You Really Have To Stop Dealing With Those People That Are Contacting You And Telling You That Your Fund Is With Them Because It Is Not With Them. They Are Only Taking Advantage Of You And They Will Dry You Up Until You Have Nothing.

The Only Money I Paid After I Met Mr. Kelvin Tuner Was Just The Bank Transfer Charges, Which Is Only Normal And Legitimate As It Is In All Banks In The World. So Please Take Note Of That. Mrs. Anita Paton Shall Ensure That You Deal Directly With The Bank (ARCB BANK).

Once Again Stop Contacting Those People. I Advise That You Contact Mrs. Anita Paton So That She Can Help You In The Collection Of Your Transfer Payment Instead Of Dealing With Those Liars That Will Be Turning You Around Asking For Different Kind Of Money To Complete Your Transaction.

Thank You And Be Blessed.

Ms. Angela Gordon.

Here's a response bitch....fuck off and die a slow painful death...